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     Dredging is a systematic engineering effort involving economical, technical and eco- environmental considerations and calls for scientifically applying the right technique. The sludge concentrates large amounts of organic pollutants and microbes, giving rises to high viscosity that is hard to de-hydrate by conventional mechanical pressing. It also contains hazardous substances like pathogenic microbes and heavy metal ions that threaten the environment. On the other hand, the sludge is also an important type of biomass energy that can be utilized.
     SafeCleen’s new technology not only renders sediments from rivers and lakes harmless but also caters for restoration of the aquatic ecosystem and recycling of resources.

     Technical Advantages
     ■Greater treatment capacity: up to 3000m3/h
     ■Less requirement for land: 2000㎡(3000m3/h)
     ■Better separation result: solid contents lowered by 30-50%
     ■High intensity of jelled solids: greater than 3MPa/7d, no secondary argillization
     ■Good interception effect: discharge is up to standard as interception takes place along the process

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