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Research and Cooperation

Leaders from the General Bureau in specting the production line

Mr.Zhang Min,the General Manager,showing a production site to a team of experts headed by Academician Hou li'an,
and giving an explanation on the city sewage sludge treatment equipment and its working process.

Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences delivering lectures.

Cooperation Agreement Signing:R&D Base for Polluted Soil Treatment and Resources Recycling Technologies,
to be built jointly with Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics,Chinese Academy of Scienses.

Signing a framework agreement for strategic cooperation with Wuhan lnstitute of Rock and Soil Mechanics,
Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Visiting representatives from the German AKW Company            

 Technical exchange with the German AKW representatives. German AKW representatives visiting the work shop.   Mr.Tang Qingming,BOD Chairman, and his team on an overseas working visit.

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