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     “City sewage sludge” is the sediments dug out from the sewage system during maintenance. The sediments in the pipes contain objects from household and industrial waste water, as well as road dust, garbage or slurry discharges from construction sites, and may carry twigs, plastic bags, rags, stone fractions, fibres, dead animals, mud, bottles and packing materials etc.
     If not cleared timely, they tend to block the pipes, form water pools and cause sewage overflow. They can also flow into river courses during rainfalls to pollute the water body. In China, research on sludge treatment is often focused on sludge in the sewage treatment plants, and sludge in sewage pipelines has not received sufficient attention. Over the years, treatment of pipeline sludge remained rather simple, typically: landfill directly without treating, directly discharged on top of gardens or pits, directly dumped into unblocked pipelines, or landfill after natural drying. Untreated, the transporting cost and environmental risks are high, while the usable contents in the silt are not put to good use.
     Having noticed this weak point, the Company took the lead in China to focus on the treatment of pipeline silt, and developed the “process and equipment for reducing sediment in pipelines”. The process reduces and separates sediment in pipelines by vibration screening and hydraulic cyclone combined with hydraulic flushing. It is proven that the process is effective with less reliance and impact on the environment, while reducing the transport costs and making it possible to turn the pipeline sediments into resources.
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