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SNS130High pressure injection pump
     This pump is special equipment for grouting high pressure cement slurry.When the pressure is between 1 to 8Mpa,it can be used for the grouting projects such as dam foundation construction,consolidation grouting,tunnel grouting.Under the high pressure(8 to 28Mpa),it is mainly used for curtain grouting and other high pressure grouting projects.


 Item Unit Technical parameters
 Intiative mm 156 187
 Rotate speed r/Min 129 201 161 251
 Flow L/Min 69 107 85 132
 Pressure Mpa 28 18 22 11.5
 Medium ratio  water:ash=0.5:1
 Inlet diameter mm Ф64
 Outlet diameter mm R1"
 Power kW 37
 Dimension mm 1874×1054×950
 Weight kg 1200

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