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GZJ600 Grout Making Machine


     This equipment is a high speed grout making machine which is make up by belt driving,cantilever bolstering and plate multiple-blade.The sealing element and supporting element are not put in the slurry,parts depreciation and cost are both low.The speed of grout making is fast and even,make every cask of slurry just need one-minute or less,do not have the phenomenon of hollow vortex and also not have phenomenon of agglomeration;dont have the strict requirement,it can making concrete slurry,sand slurry,bentonitic mud,mud slurry,shield slurry and etc.Which is used for basic construction.



 Name of parameters Unit Parameter value
Capacity L 700
 Speed L/Min 600
 Power kW 7.5
 Dimension mm 140011001600
 Triangular belt specification  B2085
 Weight kg 400
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