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GZSJ600 High speed grout making and feeding machine


     It is a high-speed grout making machine which is made up by conveyer belt,cantilever,mixing blade and grout pump.No sealing and strutting piece are needed inside this machine,so the machine parts are quite abrasion-resistible and the operating cost is low.Common working defect such as agglomeration can be totally avoided by using this machine.It can make grout so fast and evenly that only one minute is needed to produce one barrel of grout.There is no strict requirement for feeding rate,and most grout used in infrastructure construction can be produced by this machine,for instances:cement slurry,bentonitic mud,sand slurry,etc.




 Power 7.5KW
 Dimension 1360×1000×1730(mm)
 Pail capacity 700L
 Grout making speed 600L/Min
 Feeding speed 150L/Min
 Weight 550kg

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