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ZJ-400W Grout Making Machine


     It is a special grout making equipment for mixing cement,swell soil with water or other additive.It is mainly used for the engineering construction of hydroelectricity,railway,highway,infrastructure, mining etc.Compared to ordinary blade blender,it mix grout by adopting vortex technology,so it not only make grout rapidly,but also mix grout efficiently.


 Name of parameters Unit Parameter value (7.5kW) Parameter value (11kW)
 Nominal capacity L 400 400
 Allowed scale of water and ash  0.5:1 0.27:1
 Time of grout making min 3 3~5
 Power kW 7.5 11
 Weight kg 460 490
 Dimension mm 1790×1036×1535 1790×1036×1575

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