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3ZBB12.4~6-4~10-18.5 Mine grouting pump

     It is a support equipment to transport the cement syrup or sands.It is applicable to dam foundation engineering,coal mine engineering,consolidation coal mine,tunnel injection,diamond rock core drilling and other grout injection projects.In addition,it can be replaced mud pump for geologic rock drill engineering.
     The pump can transport the fluid that containing cement syrup and sands less than 3mm in diameter,and the weight ratio between water and ash must be no less than 0.5:1.


 Name of Parameters Unit Type
 Pressure Mpa 10 4
 Rated flow m³/h 6 12.4
 Reciprocate time /min117  245
 Type of motor  YBK180M-4/ YB2180M-4
 Power kW 18.5
 Rotate Speed r/min 1500
 Volumetric efficiency % 85
 Overall efficiency % 72
 Dimension mm 1800×960×1020
 Diameter of plunger mm 63
 Ram travel mm 90
 Media ratio(water:ash:sand) kg 0.5:1:1.2
 Weight kg 940

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