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DZ-XX Tunnel tail injection pump

     It is an electric hydraulic proportional control pump which was specially designed by our company on the basis of shield synchronous grouting technology.It consists of five essential components:grouting head,grouting pipe,grouting detector,power controller and remote controller.It can operate automatically and it can be monitored and controlled in a long distance.Moreover,it can be linked with other hydraulic pump and the working parameter of this pump can be adjusted according to the size of the shield machine.


 Item Unit Technical parameters
 Power kW 18.5
 Output flow L/Min0-158
(stepless tunableness) 
 Output pressure Mpa 0-5.5
(stepless tunableness)
 Grade of motor  IP55
 Pressure detect precision Mpa 0.01
 Plunger diameter Ф100 
 Dimension of power,
comtrol and frame
 mm 2050×860×1400
 Weight of head of pump Kg 600
 Dimensionmm  1810×310×1170
 Weight Kg 1120

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